Vision Statement, Mission Statement, & Program Learning Goals

BBA Vision Statement:

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program will be recognized within the 13 counties comprising the south central Tennessee region as the leading undergraduate business program that prepares men and women for successful careers in business, government and non-profit organizations.

BBA Mission Statement:

The BBA provides a rigorous and relevant business educational experience for the development of managers.


Located in rolling hills of Pulaski, Tennessee, we are a community of inclusive learners that focuses on making ethical decisions while creating sustainable value for a dynamic, internationally competitive marketplace. The BBA curriculum affords learners many opportunities to study independently and in teams while building analytical, problem solving, and communication skills.


The BBA program has a Common Professional Core (CPC) of business courses leading to a major in Business Administration.  CPC courses include accounting, economics, marketing, management, finance, operations, global business, ethics, analytics, strategy, and business law. Students may choose from Accounting, Management, or Management Information Systems as a business emphasis area.


Our mission is achieved by using a blend of traditional classroom learning experiences, on-line experiences, service learning, internships, and other assignments in several course formats. Professors are chosen for their academic and professional business experience. Students learn through traditional academic methods and through experiential learning flowing from internships and mentorships.


The free enterprise market system is emphasized and studied along with its functioning within domestic and international stakeholders' environments.  Courses challenge students to integrate problem solving, strategic decision making, technology, ethics, communication skills and a global perspective for successful managerial roles.

Program Learning Goals:

Students will demonstrate the ability to:

1. Show proficiency in the Common Professional Core areas.

2. Apply an ethical framework to business problems.

3. Communicate effectively through written and oral expression.

4. Apply and analyze Common Professional Core knowledge areas within the context of business cases.

*BBA Candidates must complete all Class and Programmatic Assessment Requirements within the Division of Business in order to graduate.