BUS 300 Analytics:

This is an EXCEL driven class.  For the first 4 weeks, Business Candidates will use the EXCEL program to calculate financial outcomes such as present and future values of amounts and annuities both ordinary and due along with amortization schedules.  Then Candidates will make business decisions with said outcomes within the context of problems and cases.  For the last 11 weeks, using EXCEL, Candidates will learn techniques for discerning meaning from data sets using descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and linear regression.  Data visualization will be emphasized throughout the analysis to uncover insights.  Candidates will use insights to make predictive business decisions within the context of problems and cases.  May be taken as a corequisite to BUS302 Managerial Finance.  Prerequisites: GEC Computer Literacy Requirement, BUS201, BUS202, BUS221, BUS222, and MAT 131, MAT141 or MAT142. Offered fall day, spring night S1.