BBA Program Admission Requirements

Getting In

Martin Methodist College seeks to admit and provide an outstanding, private educational experience to students that have exhibited academic excellence and want to be involved in making a difference. 


Admissions Requirements

Students may be considered for admission to Martin Methodist College at the beginning of any academic term. Prospective high school students are encouraged to apply as early as possible in their junior and senior years.

For admission to Martin Methodist College students must fulfill at least two of the following requirements:

  1. A composite score of 18 or above on the ACT or 750 or above on the SAT

  2. Graduate from high school with a 2.25 grade point average, or

  3. Rank in the top 50th percentile of their graduating class


Special Circumstances

Students who do not meet two of the previously stated requirements should contact an admissions counselor to determine if they may be offered admission to the College by the Vice President for Campus Life and Enrollment Management if special circumstances exist. These students may be required to take a reduced class load during their first semester of attendance. Such students also will be subject to placement testing, and required to take appropriate coursework to overcome any apparent deficiencies.

For more information, contact Tyler Cox, at 1.800.467.1273 or